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Sixers Hold Off Warriors

A slow start in the first followed by a bench explosion to push the lead to 18 points, then a miserable third quarter before Collins found the right combo. Jrue, Meeks, Turner, Iguodala and Thad played all but two seconds of the final 10 minutes in the 4th and OT. The exclamation point on the win came on Andre Iguodala's 10th assist with 17 seconds left.


g624f030611.gif Thoughts

  • For the second game in a row, the Sixers effort and execution were questionable for long stretches during three-plus quarters, then they figured out a way to come away with the win. They have a long way to go, but they've sure come a long way since the early part of the season when these games were losses.
  • For the second game in a row, Lou Williams was MIA when the game was on the line. Both wins. Solid trend to keep track of.
  • Iguodala's second consecutive triple-double, this one of the pathetic variety (on the Hollinger scale), came on a night when his shot wasn't dropping. He did, however, hit two big jumpers in late/close situations. I don't think anyone was comfortable when the ball left his hands, but they were big makes nonetheless.
  • Jrue + Turner + Iguodala = 51 points, 26 boards, 20 assists.
  • Turner is your player of the game, not only for his numbers, but for the extreme lift he brought to the team when he came into the game with 5:07 to go. He was blocking shots, dominating the glass, forcing the issue on the offensive end and finishing with authority. It was maybe more of an attitude than anything, and the spark was desperately needed.
  • Not to be overlooked is the similar effect Thad had on the game. 20 points, 7 boards, 2 steals in 35 minutes off the bench. Thad had a couple key o-boards down the stretch in the fourth, and he had to pick up the slack for Brand who seemed to be dragging most of the night. Huge game from TY.
  • Jrue's overall line was nice, but I was disappointed that he disappeared after the first quarter. He came out on fire and was really attacking Curry, then never really got back into that attacking mode. In the second half, he had a few really nice dimes and he was all over the boards all night, but they could've used his scoring punch. He passed on a couple of wide-open threes as well, which put the offense in a tough position.
  • Lou was the odds-on favorite for POTG at the half, but he completely disappeared after the break.
  • Speights continues his solid play of late. I thought he earned more than the 10 minutes he got, but Collins was in the middle of a dog fight in the fourth and I guess Speights hasn't earned that much trust, yet.
  • So two games over .500 with a matchup in Indy looming on Tuesday night. Unfortunately, the Knicks beat the Hawks tonight, so we'll have to wait at least a couple of days to take over the #6 seed. On the horizon: ATL is only 4.5 games ahead in the fifth spot, and they're reeling. Not out of the question by any means. Before we start looking above them in the standings, though, we need to realize that this team has not played high-quality basketball over the past three games. They got a couple of wins, but they need to be better than they have been.

Player of The Game: Evan Turner
Team Record: 32-30
Up Next: @ Indy, Tuesday night.
Game capsule

Also, the schedule has been updated for the past couple of games, check it out for trends, rotations and stats.
by Brian on Mar 6 2011
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