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Sixers Invade Newark

When all was said and done, I'm sure most of the Nets fans in attendance at the Prudential Center wish they would've left when Avery Johnson did. The Sixers used a relentless attack on both ends of the floor to put the Nets' three-game home win streak to bed, 106-92 was the final. Jrue Holiday notched the first triple-double of his career, in the first game of the Iguodala-as-point-forward initiative.

g484f020211.gif Thoughts
  • I'm going to keep this extremely short, because I'm writing up another post focusing on who's initiating the offense.
  • Very impressive game for Jrue, and congrats to the kid for coming out and putting up a triple-double under what could've been very stressful circumstances. The best part of his 11/10/11 stat line was the one turnover. And that one turnover came on a 50/50 charge call.
  • Had Jrue finished a rebound shy of the triple-double, I probably would've given the player of the game to Lou. He was every bit of good Lou tonight, 26 points on 12 shots is not easy to do, and his scoring came at some crucial junctures of the game.
  • Brand continues to be an amazingly steady player for this team. 15 points, 10 boards, a steal and a couple blocks. You can pretty much pencil him in to be right around there on a nightly basis, give or a take one or two in each category.
  • Spencer Hawes continues to attempt to leave the floor and somehow get his fingertips above the rim. He continues to fail. 4/14 from the floor with about 5 of his shots being rejections. He did chip in with 12 rebounds, though.
  • Iguodala had a quiet 16. Meeks had a loud 15. Thad had a rough shooting night, but made up for it with 6 defensive boards and 3 dimes in 24 minutes. Speights was MIA.

Player of The Game: Jrue Holiday. Great game for the kid, but he needs to start getting back to the line.
Team Record: 22-26
Up Next: vs. the New York Knicks to take a step closer to the #6 seed on Friday night.
Game capsule

Check back in the morning/early afternoon for my breakdown of the initiation duties.