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Sixers Lock Up Lavoy

Well, the Sixers reportedly brought back pretty much the only free agent I wanted them to, Lavoy Allen. Unfortunately, even this news is tempered with a kick in the midsection.

Lavoy will be back on a two-year, $6M deal. The money itself isn't an issue. That's a pretty fair price for the type of production Lavoy gave them last season. The problem is if they hadn't blown the negotiations with him last summer, he'd be back at the league minimum on the second year of his non-guaranteed rookie contract.

Still, good news he's coming back. I'm not sure how much of a role Lavoy will wind up having as his career progresses, but he was certainly the most impressive member of their front court rotation in the playoffs, and he should have a roster spot for a long time in the league. If it doesn't work out, so be it, they didn't commit big money to him (just about $4M than they needed to over the next two seasons).

Welcome back, Lavoy!
by Brian on Jul 2 2012
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