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Sixers Lose Ground

Well, if you were even tangentially in a playoff race with the Sixers, Saturday was your day. The Heat, Pistons, Bulls and Bobcats all won, so while the Sixers were resting up, the competition was gaining on them, and separating themselves a little bit.

Heading into the showdown with the Pistons at 6pm, Philly stands firmly in 6th place, 2.5 games up on Chicago (4 in the loss column), 2.5 up on Detroit (3 in the loss column), 5 games up on Charlotte (6 in the loss column). Miami pushes their lead over the Sixers to a full game (but they're tied in the loss column). Atlanta remains 4 games up on the Sixers for the #4 seed (only 3 in the loss column).

I don't need to tell you how important tonight's game is. My pregame will be up later, but that's where things stand. Congrats to Villanova on their Final Four berth.
by Brian on Mar 29 2009
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