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Sixers @ Magic: Game 2

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The favorites have won all five game twos so far in the first round. Portland, Boston and San Antonio all evened their series at 1-1 after dropping the first game at home. The Sixers are the only team left with a chance to buck the trend. In-game discussion and a brief word from our General Manager (courtesy of Tom Moore's column) after the jump.

Ed Stefanski from Tom Moore's Intelligencer column:

While most folks assume earning a split would be enough to satisfy the team president, he is hoping for more.

"I don't look at it that way," Stefanski said. "I'm greedy. Let's go play as hard as we can and leave it all on the court. That's the bottom line here. If you do that, then you take the results. If you have to improve and make (off-season) changes, fine."

That pretty accurately sums up my feelings. This is no time to rest on your laurels. Max effort, tip to buzzer, on both ends of the floor.

Bottom line, a win tonight would be a giant, giant leap forward for the Sixers and a potentially crushing blow to the fragile Magic psyche. Every time I've closed my eyes since Sunday, I've been picturing it. The tip is at 7pm, you know I'll be right here, I hope you'll all join me in the comments for the game thread.

Back to Philly up 2-0, get it done!