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A reader named Joshua sent me the link to this post from True Hoop earlier today. Check it out for a glimpse into the Sixers organization, and the atmosphere Mo Cheeks has brought to the team. It's a great read.

On another note, I'm going to be heading to the swamp tomorrow night to see the Sixers face the Nets, tickets were actually really cheap on Stub Hub (use this code for an extra $20 off your tickets if you want to go: WEL02084)

The Wizards choked in overtime against the Lakers, so the Sixers remain 1.5 out of 5th, 0.5 out of 6th and 3.5 ahead of the Hawks for 8th. Toronto faces Charlotte on the road tonight, the Wizards play at Utah and the Hawks play at Memphis. It would be nice to see the Bobcats and Grizzlies show some life and help the Sixers out.
by Brian on Mar 31 2008
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