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Sixers Preseason Stats

I put together a worksheet with the Sixers individual stats from the preseason, take a gander but keep a couple things in mind. (1) The Sixers played an exceptionally easy preseason schedule. (2) They were learning new offensive and defensive systems on the go. (3) Coach Jordan spent the better part of the last three games working different rotations.

All non-percentage numbers are per 36 minutes. Click on the image for a larger view:

A few thoughts to chew on:

  • Despite my cries to the contrary, Jordan got Jrue some decent minutes in the preseason, especially considering all the work he had to do with the starters. He averaged more minutes than both Willie and Ivey, although he played in one fewer game.
  • Iguodala's turnover number is ugly, but over the final 3 games, he totaled 16 assists and only 2 turnovers in 75 minutes of action. He also shot 20/37 from the floor (54.1%), 2/5 from three (40%) and grabbed 16 boards. By my math, that's sick.
  • Brand's numbers are ugly, there's no other way to put it. We don't need him to be a superstar, but we need him to be better than he was in the preseason.
  • Lou's role doesn't seem to have changed all that much. His numbers don't really scream "point guard," to me.
  • Thad's overall rebounding numbers were acceptable for a three. If he keeps them there, it will really help this team.
  • Speights was, again, a statistical monster. Rebounding and scoring numbers like he put up make it hard to harp on his defensive effort, but you have to. If he could somehow become just average on defense, he'd be such an amazing asset.
  • Jason Smith shot 41.7% from three and he really looked much better over the past two games. I thought he was tentative early in the preseason, but once he got his feet under him, he was shooting his J with conviction, running the floor, finishing with authority and setting solid screens. He was active on the defensive end, but maybe a step behind where he needed to be on rotations.
  • Willie's preseason should've cost him minutes. There's no other way to put it. 32.7% from the floor, 16.7% from three. Two utterly amazing things about his stat line, however. 6.1 rebounds/36 and 8.1 assists/36. Where did that come from?
Your thoughts in the comments, as usual. And let me know if you're interested in the field trip here.
by Brian on Oct 26 2009
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