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Sixers @ Raptors - Preseason Game 5


Toronto was dead last in defensive efficiency last season. Adding Barbosa to the mix isn't going to help that situation, but there's a chance Amir Johnson could. Toronto has changed their starting lineup pretty much every game of the preseason thus far, so it's hard to figure out matchups to watch. Jrue on Calderon could be important, especially if Jrue decides to leave his man to help a teammate who clearly doesn't need help a couple of times.

The most-interesting subplot, however, hast to be Andre Bargnani vs. the Philly bigs on the glass. Bargnani is probably the worst-rebounding center in the league (though Sixers are lining up to challenge him), I can't wait to see a bunch of NBA bigs playing hot potato with missed shots. I fully expect about 20% of available rebounds to hit the floor and bounce a couple times before someone finally bothers to pick it up (probably a guard).

The game is at 7pm, some people may get it on NBA TV. If not maybe someone will post a link to watch it live in the comments. This is your game thread, I'll be around, join me you're willing to assert yourself.
by Brian on Oct 13 2010
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