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Sixers Rumors/Ideas/Fantasies Thread

The rumor mill is heating up, there's actually some exciting, possibly positive news leaking out of the front office (or being planted by same). Let's use this thread to make sense of it all.

Out of necessity, there won't be many new posts over the next couple of weeks. Much like Lou Williams (hopefully) and Spencer Hawes (more hopefully), I'm in the process of moving and won't have my usual allotment of time to put in the research, etc. Rest assured, if anything happens I'll have a reaction, and I'll try to get a fresh post up when the threads get too long.

That being said, I'm down with trading anyone on the roster if it means getting up high enough to get Andre Drummond. I'd prefer if the trade left Jrue on the roster, but it's easier to get the point than the big, so I'd even include Jrue. Swing for the fences, Rod. That's my advice.

Have at it in the comments. My draft analysis at #15 goes something like this currently: I'd much rather have Terrence Ross than a soft and/or unathletic big man. Sullinger is pretty high on my list of guys I want no part of.
by Brian on Jun 11 2012
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