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Sixers Send Sacto Off In Style

We very well may have seen the last Sixers game in Sacramento tonight. If that turns out to be the case, at least they'll have fond memories of California's capital. This is the type of win you like to see against a bad team, systematically rip them apart for the first three quarters, then clear the bench and rest the starters in the fourth.

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g694f031911.gif Thoughts

  • Well, let's start off with the bad news. Andre Iguodala will not play tomorrow night against the Blazers. Collins is giving him the night off to rest his knee. It will give him five days of rest before the Sixers return home to play the Hawks next week. Turner will start for Iguodala.
  • Now, to tonight's game. There isn't a whole lot to say. Iguodala made Marcus Thornton look silly. DeMarcus Cousins did nothing but kill his team until the game was clearly out of reach and he poured some point in during garbage time. Offensively, they were unspectacular, but got the job done.
  • With the Knicks loss to Detroit earlier, the Sixers took a half game lead for the #6 seed. The Heat demolished the Hawks, putting the #5 seed firmly back on the table.
  • Jrue only scored 3 points in the second half, but he still gets the nod for player of the game. 15 points, 9 boards, 5 assists, 4 steals, 1 block and 0 turnovers. He dominated the game, when it was still a game.
  • Thad is still struggling off the bench, Lou had a nice first half, but followed it up with a pretty bad second. The bench, as a whole, really wasn't much better than Sacto's starters, and that's a pretty bad performance.
  • The most important number from tonight's game: Only 26 minutes for Elton Brand. Second-most important: Only 31 minutes for Jrue Holiday. The Sixers are going to need both of them to be fresh for the Portland game.

Player of The Game; Jrue
Team Record: 36-33
Up Next: @ PDX, tomorrow night. The dream of the 90s is alive in Portland.
by Brian on Mar 19 2011
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