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Sixers Slump Continues

The first half went exactly as we'd hoped, the second half went exactly as we'd feared. What was once a 15-point lead turned into a six-point loss as the Sixers slump becomes more and more alarming. (game capsule).

Here's your rotation chart. Note the two positive runs in the first half, then the units that pissed the lead away in the third:

There isn't a whole lot to say about this game. In the first half, the Sixers moved themselves and the ball with purpose on the offensive end, and the result of all that movement was high-percentage looks, including a ton of great looks for their bigs created by the smalls. In the second half, the Mavs decided to pressure the ball and for some reason the Sixers response was to dribble the air out of it, stand around and settle for bad jumpers when they weren't simply coughing it up.

The defense was great. You can't ask for anything more than holding the Mavs to an OFR of 92.63. It really doesn't matter how good your defense is, though, when your offense is that bad. Jrue, Turner, Lou, Meeks, Brand and Iguodala were all just putrid on the offensive end. Lavoy Allen, Nikola Vucevic and Thad Young couldn't get the job done on their own, especially when the guys on the outside were seemingly hellbent on heaving up bad jumpers at their earliest convenience.

Like I said, not a whole lot to say. Tomorrow is an off day, we'll take a look at the team's struggles if I have the time to pull some numbers together. I hope they practice tomorrow before heading to Minnesota. They really need it.

Player of The Game: Vucevic. 7/8 from the floor for 16 points. 7 boards a steal and a block in only 19 minutes of action. Why he only played 19 minutes is beyond me.
Team Record: 20-11
Up Next: @ MIN, Sunday night
Jrue's Goal: Pass tonight, 4 FTA to zero turnovers. Officially, the only thing Jrue did right on the offensive end in this game. (2/3 since inception)
by Brian on Feb 18 2012
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