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The Sixers opened up their seven-game road trip with a horrible game against the Golden State Warriors tonight, losing 116-97.

It was a painful game to watch. Everything the Sixers did well in the past two games went right out the window. They couldn't defend, they couldn't shoot, they didn't take care of the ball. Chris Webber played tonight, technically, but only managed to stay on the floor for 13 minutes. Iguodala sat the majority of the second half, I guess because Cheeks didn't want him to get hurt. But if that was the reason, I don't understand why Cheeks put him back in with about 7 minutes to go in the fourth quarter when the Sixers were down by about 25 points. Ponderous.

Andre Miller played well, but had a dirty flagrant foul. It seems going from a playoff team to the worst team in the league may be effecting him more than he's let on. Rodney Carney is the player of the game with 25 points and 8 boards. Korver's shooting slump continued. Since the Iverson saga began, Korver has shot 30-91 from the field, a dazzling 32%.

Former Sixers' benchwarmer Matt Barnes tied the Golden State record for threes in a game with 7 and finished with 25 points and 8 boards on 8-9 shooting. Barnes averaged 10 minutes per game for a Sixers team that didn't make the playoffs last year. Mo Cheeks' eye for talent never ceases to amaze. The road trip continues in Sacramento tonight at 10:00 PM.

by Brian on Dec 27 2006
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