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Sixers Summer League Plans

A source just told me the Sixers are planning to send their own team to the Orlando Summer League this year, they won't be splitting a squad with the Nets. A minor scoop, but it was something that was definitely weighing on my mind. They will not be sending a team to the Las Vegas Summer League.

Definitely a step in the right direction for this team. Watching CDR take 25 shots/game for the Sixers/Nets last summer was not enjoyable in the least. It's disappointing they won't be sending a team to Vegas as well, but not out of the ordinary for a team to choose one league or the other.

You can probably bank on Jrue, Meeks and the #2 pick to be on the squad. Jason Smith, Speights and possibly even Thad should go as well. Interesting to see if the new coach will be there getting to know his players and beginning to install his system.
by Brian on May 20 2010
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