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Can you really argue with the addition of a 39% shooter from downtown for the veteran's minimum? Neither can I.

The word on the street is the Sixers will announce tomorrow the signing of Kareem Rush. I'm assuming it will be for the veteran's minimum, because that's all the Sixers have to spend.

Rush is not a guy who's going to play 30 minutes a night and spread the floor. Last season he averaged 21.2 minutes for an Indiana team who loved nothing more than shooting threes. It was an ideal system for Rush, and he's going to have to make some adjustments when he comes to Philly, but he does one thing and he does it well. When teams decide they're going to pack the lane to shut down Elton Brand's low post game, Rush can come in and make them pay from deep.

I think it's a great signing. As soon as Iguodala and Lou are under contract this will have been an unbelievably successful offseason for Ed Stefanski and the Sixers organization, and they may not be done yet.

Assuming the signing of Lou and Iguodala, here's how I see their rotation right now.

PG: Miller
SG: Iguodala
SF: Thad
PF: Brand
C: Sammy

First guard off the bench: Lou
First big off the bench: Reggie Evans

In the rotation: Jason Smith, Rush, Willie Green
End-of-the-bench: Speights, Ivey

That's a 10-deep rotation, and I think Speights may have earned himself some minutes. This team is looking deep.
by Brian on Jul 29 2008
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