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Sixers Trade For Sam Young

According to several reports, the Sixers have acquired Sam Young from the Memphis Grizzlies for the rights to Ricky Sanchez. This is hardly a move which will elevate the Sixers to contender status, but Young is a useful player who they got on the cheap, and he fills a need (though not a glaring need).

Young played a very important role for the Grizzlies last season when Rudy Gay was lost to a shoulder injury. For the Sixers, he will provide Doug Collins with an able-bodied backup at small forward. This might not seem too important for a team with both Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner, but it actually means quite a bit.

With the new starting lineup, Collins is forced to stagger the rest for Turner and Iguodala so one of them can be on the floor at all times at the three (the other options are Jodie Meeks and Andres Nocioni, and no one wants to see that). Staggering their rest limits the number of minutes they can play together, and it limits the amount of time the Sixers can use their best perimeter trio together. If Young can provide just a handful of respectable minutes at the three off the bench, Turner and Iguodala can play more minutes together.

Young is a solid wing defender, he's athletic, strong and last season he was a decently efficient, low-usage scorer.

It's not a home run move, but it's not a strike out either. Young fits a need, he was obtained for nothing (and absorbed into part of the Speights traded player exception). He's also an expiring contract so nothing in the future was impacted. Young is on the books for $947,000 this season and he brings the Sixers' cap number up to $66,816,625, which is still below the luxury tax threshold.

I believe the story was broken by Bob Cooney, so kudos to him.
by Brian on Mar 15 2012
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