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sixers_logo.gifIt looks like this will be our Philadelphia 76ers roster come opening night (Oct. 31, in Toronto).

  1. Andre Iguodala
  2. Andre Miller
  3. Samuel Dalembert
  4. Reggie Evans
  5. Willie Green
  6. Rodney Carney
  7. Kyle Korver
  8. Lou Williams
  9. Jason Smith
  10. Herbert Hill
  11. Thaddeus Young
  12. Loius Amundson
  13. Calvin Booth
  14. Kevin Ollie
  15. Shavlik Randolph
Notably absent from the list is Derrick Byars. The #42 pick in this year's draft was cut loose by the Sixers today after appearing in only one preseason game. Byars missed significant time because a back injury. I guess this was the best move the team could make to trim the number of "swing" men on the roster. Green, Carney, Thad Young, Korver and probably Lou Williams will all see some time at the 2/3 alongside Iguodala. Mo Cheeks hasn't decided on his starting lineup yet, but I keep hearing the words Willie Green and starter in the same sentence. That's not exactly encouraging news.

It looks like Dalembert will play in one of the two remaining preseason games (against the Knicks and Nets), if he's healthy for opening night, this would be my starting lineup...

Andre Miller, Lou Williams, Andre Iguodala, Reggie Evans, Samuel Dalembert.

It won't happen, but I'd reward Lou for his excellent work in the Summer League, as well as the preseason.
by Brian on Oct 23 2007
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