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have_you_seen_stephon_marbury_2.jpgI'm not sure that adding Chris Duhon and subtracting Renaldo Balkman constitutes a new look, but there you have it. Mike D'Antoni will bring his New York Knickerbockers to the Wach tonight at 7 for a preseason extravaganza. I'll be able to catch this one on MSG, I believe, so I'll have some thoughts up after the game. (Nope, they decided to show the Rangers instead, the two Rangers fans in New York must be psyched.)

A couple of things I'll be keeping an eye on:
  • Iguodala's jumper
  • Thad's handle
  • Green's shot selection
  • Sweet Lou!!!!!!!!
  • Miller's conditioning
  • Sammy's hands
  • Speights on defense
  • Rush's release
  • Mo's suit
  • Stefanski's dome
  • Marbury's bi-polarity (new word)
  • Z-Bo's ego
  • Crawford's itchy trigger finger
  • Nate Robinson's Napoleonic complex
  • Danillo's euro style (soft)
  • Curry's physique (round)
  • David Lee's grit
  • D'Antoni's chompers
That about sums it up. It'll be good to finally see these guys on the court, even if the game doesn't matter and the opponent closely resembles the Washington Generals, it'll still be fun.

The starting lineup is expected to be Miller, Iguodala, Thad, Brand and Dalembert, as it should be. Rush should see his first game action of the preseason.

by Brian on Oct 10 2008
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