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Take a look at that headline, because this is one of the only places where this game will be characterized in that manner. This blowout had nothing to do with the Piston's lethargy, they were up for the game. This game was all about the Sixers dominating in every way. From philosophy to execution, the Sixers were the superior team.

If game two was an example of the best Detroit had to offer, and how the Sixers could never measure up, well this was the exact same thing from the other side.

I just bought tickets for Sunday night's game and I'll be heading down, I hope everyone within driving distance will do the same. This game was an amazing display of desire, tenacity and athleticism. At some point, the national media will give this team respect. At some point they will cease being a national joke and start getting just a shred of the love the Warriors got last year when they took down the Mavericks. You know what, I feel sorry for them. They're all missing out.

Much more on this one either later tonight or tomorrow (I'll collate all the excuses written for Detroit into one post as soon as I can). Up 2-1 with another big one coming up on Sunday, celebrate tonight Sixers fans and get yourself to the Wach on Sunday to support this team in game 4.

Player of The Game:
Samuel Dalembert
Series: 2-1, Philly

by Brian on Apr 25 2008
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