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SixersBeat Radio Show Tonight

Derek Bodner and I will host another episode of SixersBeat tonight at 8pm. We're expecting a guest, Tom Moore, sports writer and columnist for The Intelligencer and the Bucks County Courier Times. Details on how to listen to the show live, call in etc. after the jump. Also, leave any questions/topics you'd like us to answer/cover on the show in the comments.
You can always find the latest show here. I'll embed the player on this post a little closer to air time tonight as well.

If you'd like to call in, the number is (917) 889-3649

Please use the comments here to ask any questions you may have, we'll answer as many as we can tonight. In particular, if you have a trade proposal you'd like our opinions on, with a financial breakdown, leave that in the comments as well. Use ESPN's trade machine (copy the link into the comments) to make sure the salaries match up and I'll break it down for you, with future salary cap implications, luxury tax ramifications and of course on court effects as well.

If you can't listen live, the shows are always archived here, and you can even subscribe on iTunes (search for SixersBeat).

by Brian on Jan 14 2010
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