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Sloppy Play Mars Second Win

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The Sixers moved to 2-0 on the preseason with their second win in as many nights against the Hedo and Bosh-less Raptors. After the jump let's talk about a troubling sign.

Unfortunately, I was only able to watch a couple minutes late in the second half of the game, so I can't get into too many specifics on how the ball moved etc. I will say this, however, 23 turnovers is just unacceptable. In the action that I saw over the past two games, I saw every imaginable type of turnover: lazy passes, bad passes, lazy catches, bad dribbling, bad hands and an awful lot of bad decisions.

The knee jerk reaction is to a number like 43 turnovers in two games and chalk it up to (a) the new system, (b) extended garbage time and (c) guys playing out of control to win a possible roster spot. I'll give out half of a pass for all of the reasons above, but there really needs to be some accountability. We aren't talking about the second and third units here, we're talking about the starters.

Elton Brand (4), Andre Iguodala (4), Lou Williams (3), Thad Young (2) and Sam Dalembert (2) combined for 15 of the team's 23 turnovers last night.

There's definitely a learning curve involved with the implementation of the Princeton offense, hopefully they'll get these things ironed out before the season starts. The mistakes I've been seeing aren't really of the, "he zigged when I thought he was going to zag," variety. It's almost like they're so focused on the movement and reactions in the offense that they're neglecting to pay attention to the small details, like "Hey, that guy's playing the passing lane." Eventually, when a guy like Sonny Weems is over-playing the passing lane on the wing, the backdoor will be wide open and what was a turnover will suddenly be a thunderous dunk. It's simply a matter of getting from here to there, and doing it quickly.

In other news, someone had a firm talk with Marreese Speights. In game one he jacked up 16 shots in 25 minutes. In game two, he limited himself to only 3 FGA in 20 minutes. He backed up his solid rebounding effort from Tuesday with another last night, 9 in 20 minutes, 2 on the offensive glass.

Jrue played 20 minutes, chipping in 3 turnovers and nailing a big three down the stretch to help secure the win. Primoz, Bowman and Singletary saw their first action of the preseason. Thad has now played 48 minutes without grabbing a single rebound.
by Brian on Oct 8 2009
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