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Slowing Down the Voose

Nikola Vucevic has made tremendous strides in his three seasons in the NBA. In the past two years, he's gone from an inefficient big who rebounds really well to a legitimate offensive weapon who probably doesn't get enough touches.

Voose isn't without warts: he doesn't get to the line nearly enough for a big man, his defense remains on the wrong side of acceptable, but his efficiency has improved by leaps and bounds in each of his seasons. I'm not sure if you can build a winner around him, but he's already much, much more than I thought he'd ever be when the Sixers drafted him three summers ago.

This season hasn't been quite so kind to the other Sixers castoff currently living in the land of theme parks and timeshares, Maurice Harkless. Harkless is an afterthought in Orlando, not doing a whole lot with his 27 minutes/game. The emergence of Victor Oladipo and Arron Afflalo's All Star-level production haven't left much room for Harkless, who showed promise in spurts last season.

Thad will be back tonight, I don't have definitive word on Hawes or Wroten right now. I'm looking forward to seeing MCW victimize Jameer Nelson, aka the guy who wasted the first half decade of Dwight Howard's career.

The tip is at 7. I think I'll be around for most of it, depending on everyone else's plans around here. Join me for a dose of tryptophan a day early (or maybe a thriller!).
by Brian on Nov 27 2013
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