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The All Star teams were announced tonight and zero 76ers made the squad. Fair? Depends on how you look at it.

Here's the roster (x denotes starter, voted in by the fans):

Player, Pos.Team
Chauncey Billups, GDetroit
Chris Bosh, FToronto
Caron Butler, GWashington
x-Kevin Garnett, FBoston
Richard Hamilton, GDetroit
x-Dwight Howard, COrlando
x-LeBron James, FCleveland
Antawn Jamison, FWashington
Joe Johnson, GAtlanta
x-Jason Kidd, GNew Jersey
Paul Pierce, FBoston
x-Dwyane Wade, GMiami

There's not a whole lot to argue here. At first blush, I thought Rip Hamilton maybe didn't deserve it (and the team didn't need 6 guards), but his numbers, especially his shooting percentages, are stellar (50% from the field, 46% from three). That got me thinking about the overall makeup of the roster, and I realized there's only one true center. Samuel Dalembert being the first name that came to my mind. Of course, if this is the roster you're going with, and you truly don't believe there HAS to be two true centers, so be it. Garnett and/or Bosh can fill in there.

Finally, I started looking at the numbers. There are two guys on this team whose offensive numbers are strikingly similar to Andre Iguodala's, and their defensive number, well they're non-existent: Paul Pierce and Joe Johnson. Pierce is playing alongside two potential Hall Of Famers, and shooting for a worse percentage than Iguodala. Pierce has a slight edge in rebounds and assists, while Iguodala leads Pierce in steals by a wide margin and blocks as well. Overall, I'd say Iguodala is having a better season, statistically, but you can't really scream bloody murder at Pierce being chosen over him.

Joe Johnson, on the other hand, I have a slight problem with. The Atlanta Hawks currently sit at 18-24, and they've been everyone's darling surprise in the Eastern Conference. Keep in mind that the Sixers are only 2 games behind the Hawks. Johnson's 22.1 points/game may look impressive, but he's taking almost 19 shots/game to score them and only shooting 40% from the field. He's got a slight edge in assists over Iguodala, but Iguodala's got the edge in rebounds, steals and blocks. This has probably been Johnson's worst year, statistically, since being traded to the Hawks from the Suns. I'm guessing that the assistant coaches wanted to reward someone from Atlanta for their surprising turnaround. It would've been nice if they'd rewarded Iguodala for his play over the past year, but so be it.

Get some rest Andre, you've got a playoff run ahead of you (believe it or not).

The Sixers play host to All Star center Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic tonight. Check out the cleverly named Orlando Magic Blog for the wrong point of view on tonight's game.
by Brian on Feb 1 2008
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