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So Long, Donyell

Kate Fagan has a somewhat somber piece today, it looks like the Sixers won't be bringing everyone's favorite shooter off the bench, Donyell Marshall, back this season.

Donyell only logged 189 regular season minutes spread out over 25 games, but he hit some huge shots and keyed a few unbelievable comebacks throughout the year. They don't win their first game against Detroit or the big win in LA against the Lakers if he doesn't come in raining threes off the bench. He was a consummate pro and I, for one, will miss him.

Fagan quoted Ed Stefanski as saying the team plans to invite a couple of guys to camp to battle it out for that roster spot, which would be the final spot if the Sixers decided to only carry 13 on their roster (the league minimum).

In other news, Randy Ayers was officially brought back as an assistant. Ayers was 21-31 as the Sixers head coach in 2003-2004.
by Brian on Aug 6 2009
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