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So Much Drama

Everywhere you turn. Every draft blog, every chat, every mock draft there's one common theme: The Sixers are going to do something unexpected with the number two pick. I guess you can't blame these guys, I mean, the Sixers are an easy target, but enough is enough.

National writers seem to be scrambling for story lines. The Sixers are reportedly planning to work out the #3 and #4 prospect, which is such a mundane thing and they'd really be irresponsible if they didn't work those guys out, but for some reason that means they aren't taking Evan Turner. Then you have Doug Collins publicly describing the role he sees Iguodala playing (defensive stopper, and more of a slasher than a three-point shooter) and that gets interpreted as Collins being in love with Iguodala to the point where he doesn't want Evan Turner.

You've got the guys who can already tell you Iguodala and Turner won't work together, so the Sixers have to trade Iguodala. You've got guys saying Collins' son really likes Favors, so that means the Sixers won't draft Turner.

Then you've got two different people using the exact same "logic" to draw two different conclusions. "The Sixers have to make the playoffs this season," ergo, they're going to draft Evan Turner, the most NBA ready guy in this draft. Of course, another guy said they weren't going to draft Turner because they have to make the playoffs this season, that same guy also said Turner was the most NBA ready player in the draft, so you explain that one to me.

Anyway, the point is, we're three weeks away from the draft, John Wall is a virtual lock to go number one and either none of these writers have legitimate sources in the Sixers front office, or the Sixers are being tight lipped, as they usually are. So the number two pick is the big draft story at this point.

The national media enjoys writing about the Sixers as if they're a bunch of morons who are bound to screw up this golden opportunity. What they don't get is that the Sixers have drafted pretty well in recent years. They haven't really whiffed with a valuable pick in how long, a decade? They've gotten good value in the mid-lottery several years running. The draft is a strength.

Is Evan Turner the pick? If I had to bet right now, I'd say yes. But you know what, if he isn't, it's going to be because Derrick Favors or DeMarcus Cousins (please not Cousins) absolutely blew them away in workouts. Tony DiLeo and Doug Collins will have seen something in him that made them believe he's going to be a better pro than Turner, maybe sooner, maybe later. It's not going to be for any of these ridiculous reasons these writers are basing their arguments on.

My advice to you guys, if you're like me and can't help yourself from reading all the draft coverage, is to take everything you read with a grain of salt.. If you're pro-Turner, I'd say rest easy. He's probably the guy. If you're pro-Favors, have faith that DiLeo and Collins will see what you do (and I do) in the kid and they'll make the right pick. I doubt we're really going to know who the pick is until David Stern calls the name, so don't let the talking heads get you down.
by Brian on Jun 3 2010
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