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Someone Wants Kapono!

Marc Stein threw a bone to Sixers fans everywhere yesterday in his column. He mentioned the Sixers would be open to trading Kapono, which isn't really a shock. I scoured the Internet tonight to see if there was some kind of buzz and guess what? I found someone who wants him. Granted, it's a Kings blogger, but still. Someone does want him.

Bryan from A Royal Pain has the Kings using their cap space to absorb Kapono's entire contract, with the Sixers receiving a trade exception only. I'm pretty sure they'd have to give us something, even if it's a just a protected second-round pick.

At this point, this is probably the best return I'm capable of hoping for in a Kapono deal. A middling second-round pick would be fine, but most importantly, the Sixers wouldn't take back a longer contract in return for Kapono. Save the team a decent chunk of money, get the TPE, and don't do any more harm. Sounds like a win-win to me.

What do you guys think? Would you be willing to make a move like this? The TPE could have value if a team is desperately trying to get under the luxury tax this February. We could use the exception to take a player off their hands and they'd have to sweeten the pot with a future pick or two.
by Brian on Jul 21 2010
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