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Something New in an Old Season

If the Charlotte/Philadelphia matchup in and of itself isn't enough to float your boat (and why would it be?), tonight we'll at least have a new (if somewhat familiar) face to check out on the floor. Justin Holiday joins his little brother for the new-look Sixers after their brief late-season respite tonight in the mighty Bobcats' house.

Since the Sixers and Bobcats last met (Saturday), Charlotte did their best to put a nail in the Sixers playoff hopes. They traveled to Milwaukee and allowed 131 points to the flat-lining Bucks. Tonight, the Sixers will look to beat up on a bad team and notch their 9th road win of the season.

MKG is listed as questionable. Speaking of this year's #2 pick, when I got home from the game Saturday night and checked the box score I was shocked to see he shot 9/11 from the floor for 21 points. I was mostly shocked because I think it's a minor miracle when anything that leaves that guy's hand finds the bottom of the net, outside of a dunk. He has probably the worst jumper I've ever seen (and I've watched Evan Turner for three seasons). He looks like a solid player and a good defender, but man hide the women and children when he's shooting from outside of 2 feet. The numbers back this up. MKG shoots 28.6% outside of 2 feet, including 29.3% from 3 to 9 feet. Just brutal for a wing.

To win, the Sixers could either just play like they did on Saturday, or they could play well. Either should be enough to get the job done. I'm pretty sure we'll see the Holidays on the floor together tonight, I'm just wondering if Justin's minutes will come out of Wilkins', Wright's or Turner's share. High drama.

The tip is at 7pm. Use this as your game thread. I'll be watching on DVR.
by Brian on Apr 3 2013
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