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Something To Keep An Eye On

Thumbnail image for Iguodala left no doubt on this one. (Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images)
Since December 1st, Andre Iguodala has averaged 40.5 minutes per game. Over the stretch, he's played less than 35 minutes in only 4 of 44 games. Andre is young, he's in unbelievable physical condition, but that is an extremely heavy workload.

This isn't an excuse for his performance the other night, but 86 minutes of action in a back-to-back is a lot for anyone to handle.

On the game-by-game level, the Sixers have played nothing but close, competitive games almost every time out for the past three months, so you can't really blame Coach DiLeo. If he wants to win, Iggy has to be on the floor. Still, is this just too much of a workload for Iguodala? What's he going to be like after another 22 dogfights, if they make they playoffs?
by Brian on Mar 10 2009
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