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Sooooo Close

If you don't believe in moral victories, well, then I guess you didn't just see an unbelievable effort from an undermanned Sixers squad. It sounds corny, but I just feel proud of the guys after that game. They were one shot away from taking down the Lakers, in LA, and they really had five or six chances to hit it. Anyway, my wrap will be up tomorrow, in the meantime I've got a couple of food-for-thought questions to hold you over.

  • Can someone explain to me why, exactly, we don't think Jrue can be the "star" this team needs? He's got the requisite tangibles (maybe not elite athleticism, but close and his size makes the difference at his position). He can shoot, he can score off the dribble, he can take games over with his scoring, his dribble-penetration, his passing and his defense (though this needs to become more consistent). This kid is 20-years-old and he's dominating games.  What am I missing?
  • This is a loaded question, but also an honest one. If Iguodala plays this game, there's absolutely no way Kobe scores 33 points. Do they win this game handily if Iguodala is playing?
  • On the same note, there's absolutely no reason why Turner couldn't play the exact game he played tonight (or Wednesday night, for that matter) if Iguodala was on the floor. Not even if, but once Collins figures out how to get this version of Turner and Iguodala on the floor in the same game, this 8-man rotation is going to be solid: Brand, Hawes, Iguodala, Turner, Jrue, Williams, Thad, Meeks/Nocioni (depending on who's hitting their threes).

Many thanks to the guys who made it to the game thread tonight, and a happy new year to all.