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Tonight's game is the first of a hellish nine that could either embolden this young Sixers squad for a playoff push, ruin the confidence they've built over the past nine, or maybe just show them how hard they're going to have to work to reach the level of some of the teams they're going to face. Learning experience or turning point, the results count, so let's get our predictions on the record.

Here's the schedule (NSFW):

  1. vs. LAL (19-7) tonight
  2. @ ORL (16-9) tomorrow night (back-to-back #1)
  3. @ CHI (16-8) on 12/21
  4. @ BOS (21-4) on 12/22 (back-to-back #2)
  5. @ DEN (15-9) on 12/26
  6. @ GSW (9-16) on 12/27 (back-to-back #3)
  7. @ PHO (12-12) on 12/29
  8. @ LAL (19-7) on 12/31
  9. @ NOH (15-10) on 1/3/2011

The first 6 games are all back-to-back situations, meaning Collins needs to worry about the second game during the first, then deal with a tired team in the second. Only Golden State has a worse record than the Sixers. The cumulative win/loss totals for the teams they'll face is 142-82. A winning percentage of .634.

Quite a tall order. Make your prediction in the poll below, leave your thoughts in the comments.

by Brian on Dec 17 2010
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