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Spencer Hawes: Prediction vs. Performance

Up next in the PvP series is our big man by default, Spencer Hawes. We'll take a look at my predictions vs. his performance in a bit, but I'll cut right to the chase. Spence played a little more than I thought he would, scored a little less, rebounded a little more and sucked just the right amount.

Check out my full prediction right here. And now the numbers:

There's really not a whole lot of positive things to say about Hawes. His defensive rebounding numbers were pretty good. You could definitely live with a 22.5% DRB% number from your center if he wasn't such a colossal waste of space in just about every other category.

Hawes is not a starting center in this league. He's a borderline 3rd or 4th big off the bench on a non-playoff team. It appears as though the Sixers are willing to keep him, even willing to offer him his $4.1M qualifying offer. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but some things never do.

If you're still holding out hope that Hawes will develop into more than a scrub big man who throws a decent backdoor pass every fifth game, just stop. He's now been in the league four years and hasn't shown an ounce of improvement. He's lazy, he's slow, he's overmatched physically, he's uncoordinated. This team isn't going to take a legitimate step toward contention until they get two bigs to put ahead of him in the rotation at the five. Spencer Hawes on the roster is a glowing reminder of Ed Stefanski's failure to build this roster and if he's re-signed, he'll be a demerit on Thorn's report card as well. Signing him because, "they don't have anyone better," is not an excuse. If they don't get someone better this summer, they're failures. Plain and simple.