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Michael Carter-Williams will probably return from his knee infection tonight which means there's a chance he goes nuts and steals a win for the Sixers. I'd say it's probably a good chance. After thrashing the Sixers 130-94 on Monday, Brooklyn returned to form with a home loss to the mighty bullets.

Brett Brown has had a couple off days to work on the myriad defensive issues the Sixers have. We'll see if they can figure out how not to leave a hot shooter wide open, repeatedly. Brook Lopez will be back, so he'll probably torch them on the inside, which is fine. I'd rather see Lopez taking 13-footers than Johnson taking corner threes.

As for Thad Young's desire to leave this team, all I can say is who could blame him? This pitiful season is hard enough to take from a fan's perspective, I can't imagine what it's like for a player. Thad has watched every player of any talent or worth he's ever played with walk out the door. Since his career began, they've done nothing but downgrade the talent he's had to play with intentionally (this past summer) or not (the Iguodala trade, the Dalembert trade). He signed an extension in Philly without testing the free agency waters. He showed loyalty to the team, a belief they were headed in the right direction. It was an organization he wanted to be part of. That loyalty has been repaid by surrounding him with probably the worst roster ever assembled at the NBA level and an expectation, actually a desire to lose. Why would he want to stay? I don't feel sorry for guys like Turner who have always been part of the problem, and continue to loaf this team into oblivion, but Thad has been a guy who has always hustled his ass off on the floor and done whatever he could to win. He deserves to play somewhere else, somewhere where winning and playing well are seen as positives rather than impediments to the ultimate goal of being the shittiest team in the league. Any player with a shred of pride would want out of Philly right now.

Anyway, the tip is at 7. I won't be around, but enjoy watching a bunch of guys get paid to play the game the wrong way and lose, miserably! Come build a shit sandwich with us! Together we build a shit sandwich! (My bad, sorry with passion and pride.)
by Brian on Dec 20 2013
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