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Statistical Oddities, Sixers Version

31 wins, 31 losses. I figure we aren't going to get a much better sampling than this to look at statistical splits. After the jump I'll highlight some meaningful, meaningless, hilarious and troubling splits for the Sixers.

Let's start with Willie:
  • Free throw percentage at home: 81%
  • Free throw percentage on the road: 57.1%
  • Do thunder sticks really bother Willie that much? The numbers don't hold up throughout his career, so I'm guessing this is just an anomaly
Lou Williams
  • Assist to turnover ratio in wins: 1.84 (103/56)
  • Assist to turnover ratio in losses: 1.31 (85/65)
  • Not shocking. When he's running offense, the second unit doesn't squander the hard work the starters have done.
Andre Iguodala
  • Three-point percentage in wins: 35.6% (31/87)
  • Three-point percentage in losses: 25.3% (25/99)
  • This is really a team-wide epidemic.
Thad Young
  • Field goal percentage in wins: 50.8%
  • Field goal percentage in losses: 44.4%
  • Thad's numbers pretty much across the board are much better in team wins. Cause/effect? Good point for debate.
Samuel Dalembert
  • Rebounds/36 minutes at home: 13.2
  • Rebounds/36 minutes on the road: 11.7
  • Could the crowd inspire Sammy to work harder on the glass? I suppose that would be a more interesting question if there were actually "crowds" at the Wach.
Reggie Evans
  • Field goal percentage: 39.4%
  • Not really a split, just funny. How a power forward who has taken maybe 3 shots this season which were not layups or dunks can be shooting below 40% is beyond me.
Royal Ivey
  • Three-point percentage before the A.S. break: 39.1%
  • Three-point percentage after the A.S. Break: 22.2%
  • His defense is still superb, but he's much less useful if he isn't knocking down those threes.
Andre Miller
  • Points per shot before the break: 1.29
  • Points per shot after the break: 1.42
  • Miller's numbers have been amazing since the break. Even more so when you factor in the injuries he's suffered.
Marreese Speights
  • Field goal percentage vs. playoff teams: 53%
  • Field goal percentage vs. lottery teams: 52%
  • Points per 36 minutes vs. playoff teams: 18.3
  • Points per 36 minutes vs. lottery teams: 18.2
  • Rebounds per 36 minutes vs. playoff teams: 9.78
  • Rebounds per 36 minutes vs. lottery teams: 7.76
  • These results interested me. I wanted to see if Speights was padding his stats against lesser teams, and I also wanted to see if he raised his intensity level against better teams. It looks like his offensive efficiency was pretty amazing against all opponents. His rebounding was markedly better against the better teams, however. FYI, he plays a hair over 16 minutes/game against playoff teams, just under 15 against lottery teams.
The Team
  • Three-point percentage in wins: 38.3%
  • Three-point percentage in losses: 25.9%
  • Three-point percentage allowed in wins: 32.3%
  • Three-point percentage allowed in losses: 40.2%
  • If that doesn't sum up the importance of the three to this team, I don't know what does.
by Brian on Mar 12 2009
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