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Stefanski Continues to Amaze

Ed Stefanski has another feather for his cap. His eternal quest to fill the Sixers' front court with players who can neither rebound, nor block shots just keeps on rolling. The latest addition, according to Tom Moore in the comments, is Tony Battie.

If you don't know who Tony Battie is, you obviously aren't a fan of journeyman bigs in their mid-thirties who weren't even relevant in their primes. Here are some quick highlights:

  • Played 134 minutes for the New Jersey Nets last season (a team that found 900+ minutes for Kris Humprhies at the four)
  • Last averaged 9 rebounds/36 minutes in 2002-2003
  • Last averaged 1 block/36 minutes in 2005-2006
  • Has averaged more attempts from 16-23 feet than at the rim for each of the past two seasons.

On the bright side:
  • He's old, which means he definitely brings 50% of the much needed "veteran leadership." I'll let you decide which half.
  • If you squint when you read it, his last name sort of looks like Battle, which is definitely "tough."

Hat's off to you, Mr. Stefanski! You found a 34-year-old version of Jason Smith to round out your roster. Who's buying at Chili's tonight?
by Brian on Jul 21 2010
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