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Stefanski Does the Legwork

With Tony DiLeo, one of the Sixers' top talent-evaluators for years, inserted as interim head coach, GM Ed Stefanski has taken it upon himself to scout. The Courier Post has a good story about Ed's role in scouting players, both for the upcoming draft and possible trades.

The article lists Andre MIller, and his expiring deal, as the Sixers' best piece of trade bait. I concur, but it doesn't get into the larger ramifications of trading Miller, which we've discussed at length.

I like the idea of a GM who evaluates with his own eyes, but ultimately, the only thing I care about is proper talent evaluation. The franchise has done an excellent job with the draft, especially over the past two seasons. They seem to be able to make the most out of middling draft slots, but has that translated into other areas of talent evaluation?

The franchise needs to worry less about athleticism and raw basketball talent, and place a much higher premium on shooting ability. In fact, that should be the most important factor going forward.

There's one more thing to take into consideration when evaluating potential trade targets. This team is now 7 games under .500, and while they showed glimpses of something more on the current trip, you don't make a trade for this season alone. Any trade has to benefit the team going forward. It has to add a piece for the long run, or add cap flexibility in the next year or two that would give them the ability to add that piece through free agency. Making a short-sighted trade for this season would be foolish, in my opinion.

So, if Ed's out there scouting, which teams and players do you hope he's taking a look at?
by Brian on Jan 4 2009
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