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Stefanski On The Deadline

http://www.depressedfan.com/img/EdStefanski022009.jpgBernard Fernandez has a decent piece on Ed Stefanski's approach at the deadline, a few nuggets about what teams wanted and a minor update on Andre Miller.

Here's our fearless leader's own words on the team going forward:

"Our younger players have to get older," Stefanski said, a possible solution that the passage of time always helps to bring about. "We're really high on these kids and they're getting better, but they're going to make mistakes and you have to live with that.

"We do feel we're good enough to compete. Last year, making the playoffs was huge for the young guys. Huge. That experience you can only get if you make the playoffs. They have it under their belt now. To get there again, I think that's big for this organization to go forward."

I agree with the priorities. Stefanski also said there may have been an opportunity to get a shooter, without getting into specifics, but he wasn't about to trade one of his young building blocks for a specialist.

The only true surprise in the article was a blurb about interest in Jason Smith. I'd love to know what that deal would've involved. Most likely a future second-rounder or something.
by Brian on Feb 20 2009
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