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The Inquirer has a piece today about Stefanski's first draft as the head honcho who makes the final call. We'll get to Ed's statements in a minute, first I want to take a look at a blurb about Tony DiLeo.

Read this clip:

Sixers assistant general manager Tony DiLeo, one of Stefanski's confidants on draft night, wouldn't compare Stefanski to his predecessor, Billy King. He has, though, noticed Stefanski's presence.

"He's very involved in the draft. Very involved," DiLeo said last week. "He got out and saw a lot of the players. He scouted them live. He watches a lot of film."

Now, does that make it sound like DiLeo is saying Billy King had very little to do with draft decisions? That's how I'm taking it. King has taken several opportunities to take credit for the success the Sixers had after his firing. After all, he drafted the guys, right? Well, it heartens me to think we still have the brain behind the Thad Young pick in our organization in DiLeo.

Now, onto Stefanski's statments. Here's the quote I want to discuss:

"Whoever we draft is going to be a young man who we are going to have a structured program with mentorship," Stefanski said. "If you have a 19-year-old and you're going through that, I don't care who the kid is, you need some structure."

This is exactly what I didn't want to hear. I like Darrell Arthur, but I don't think he's really that big of a project. If you take Ed at his word, this pick is probably going to be used on a guy like Speights, or worst-case, Randolph. Personally, I don't think a project is what this team needs at this point. They have projects at just about every position. What I'd like is a guy who can come in and fill a specific need, right away. A shooter with range would probably be the easiest to find at #16. In Arthur, they could get some interior scoring at the 4.

All told, I want this pick to be about production more than upside. The Sixers have upside all over the court, I want a known quantity who will fill a need. 

So, is Eddie blowing smoke with his recent comments? Are we looking at drafting a player who won't really contribute for a couple of years? Would we be better off drafting a guy who could be a stud three years down the road (or bust), or a guy who can step in and contribute to an area of need right away? Thoughts in the comments, as usual.

Get your draft predictions in to Arin. The deadline is today.

by Brian on Jun 24 2008
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