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Stefanski Speaks to the Season Ticket Holders

Our very own Dean H. attended a season ticket holder event tonight with Sixers GM Ed Stefanski. The big man took questions from what was probably a quite angry crowd. A few notes from Dean after the jump.

A couple of quick notes from Dean, and I believe Rob has some thoughts to share in the AM as well.

  • Stefanski said we'd be seeing Jodie Meeks on the court in the coming games to get a look at him for next season. (Excellent news, if his minutes come at Willie's expense and not Jrue's).
  • Jordan was asked directly about the Eskin rumor, and would not deny it.
  • He was also asked about budgetary constraints on hiring a new coach and the possibility of paying the luxury tax next season. He basically responded that the luxury tax was not a primary concern and finances wouldn't get in the way of signing a particular coach (if they do in fact fire Jordan, I would assume he qualified).
  • Finally, Dean's impression was that Stefanski was critical of Jordan throughout the night and he shares many of the same frustrations we all do.

Many, many thanks to Dean for reporting back and providing the picture atop this post. If anyone else was there, drop me an e-mail with your thoughts and I'll add to this post, or just leave them in the comments.

Also, be sure to check out the back-and-forth on Jrue's advanced stats between Derek and Jordan, here and here.

Big game at Indy tonight.
by Brian on Mar 9 2010
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