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Summer League Game 1

The Orlando Summer League will tip off at 5 p.m. today with what promises to be an instant classic, the Sixers vs. the New Jersey Nets! In all seriousness, though, I'm really looking forward to the game and a couple of matchups in particular.

Here are the matchups I'm looking forward to:

  • Terrence Williams guarding Evan Turner - Williams is probably a better defender with better size than just about anyone Turner faced at Ohio State last season. Good way to kick things off.
  • Speights vs. Derrick Favors - This one has some comedic potential. When the Sixers have the ball, Favors will be tested early and often. Speights isn't shy about getting shots up, he can pull Favors out away from the hoop, and the Sixers have two legit playmakers on the floor in Jrue and Turner, expect the #3 pick to be put into pick-and-roll situations. This should be a nice test to see how good he is defensively. On the other side of the ball, you've got one undeveloped offensive player going against an apathetic defender. I guess the only thing to look for is whether Speights can keep Favors off the offensive glass. Since we're talking about bigs, make sure you keep an eye out for the uber-toughness of Brian Zoubek, who spurned the Sixers for a chance to go the Summer League with the Nets.
  • J.R.U.E. - Last Summer, Jrue made the most of a pitiful situation in Orlando. He played the point on that horrible Nets/Sixers combo team and really stood out on the defensive end. He was hawking the ball like you never see in these somewhat meaningless games. I'm expecting more of the same from him, and I'm really hoping he can pick right up where he left off
I'm on vacation so I won't be able to watch this one live. I'll be watching the replay on NBA.com at some point throughout the night. If you're watching, use this as your game thread. Keep it clean, stop talking about the Dalembert trade and how bad Iguodala is, and try to focus on the stuff that's happening on the court.
by Brian on Jul 5 2010
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