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Summer Reading is a series on what each Philadelphia Seventy-Sixer needs to do this off season in order to bring the Sixers back to the playoffs in ‘07–08. Each member of the Sixers will get a reading list, we’ll start with Bobby Jones, and end with Andre Iguodala (Least minutes per game to most).

Vital stats: 17.4 minutes, 43.3% from the floor, 82.2% from the line, 0.0% from three, 1.4 rebounds/game, 2.5 assists/game, 0.4 steals/game, 3.8 PPG.
Suggested reading: 101 Things to Do Before You’re Old and Boring, by Richard Horne and Helen Szirtes; The Release of the Albatross, by Ernie Anderson; Dead Weight, by John Francome.
Extra credit: Good-bye and Good Riddance, by Valerie Hagenbush.
Suggested viewing: Grumpy Old Men

The Rub: Ollie needs to go. There’s only one problem with this past-his-prime-if-he-ever-really-had-a-prime veteran: The Sixers owe him $3.44M in 07–08. This means if they make any kind of move this off season, they should try to include Ollie’s contract.

I guess they could eat the money, but it’d be nice to get it off the books. As far as basketball goes, well I guess Ollie could coach somewhere, or maybe join the likes of Tim Leggler in a studio somewhere, but his days on the court really should come to an end.

Ollie was buried so deep on the bench, it was a minor miracle when actually saw the floor. He played accordingly. This team is moving forward and I’ll be shocked if Kevin is a member of the team next year. He seems like a nice guy, so I hope someone winds up paying out his contract, just not the Sixers.

Up next: Rodney Carney


by Brian on May 29 2007
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