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Sunday Night Housekeeping

A quiet day in Sixerland, so I took the opportunity to update the advanced stats and follow through with the rotation chart from last night's loss. Check them out after the jump, plus a few overall thoughts as the team prepares for the Ice Capades road trip.

So three of the Sixers past five games have been merely below-average defensive performances. That's quite a streak. Only one of the games was a win, though. The other two games, including last night's game vs. the Clippers, were defensive disasters. Overall, the team's defensive efficiency rating continues to plummet. Thank God for the Raptors, huh?

A couple notable things about the rotations Jordan used against a big Clippers lineup.

  • Jordan used big lineups more than small (28:14 big, 24:46 small)
  • He used five variations of the big lineup
    • EB, MS, TY, AI, LW
    • EB, MS, TY, AI, WG
    • EB, MS, AI, WG, LW
    • EM, MS, TY, WG, LW
    • EB, MS, JK, AI, JH
  • Just to humor me, I'd love to see Jordan use this lineup, just once. He hasn't used it for a single second yet this season:
    • Jrue Holiday
    • Andre Iguodala
    • Thad Young
    • Elton Brand
    • Sam Dalembert
  • It might even be fun to see this lineup, which we haven't seen:
    • Jrue Holiday
    • Andre Iguodala
    • Thad Young
    • Marreese Speights
    • Elton Brand
  • You'd think a coach who can't seem to buy a win would be trying every combination of players to see what worked best, no? So why haven't we seen either of these lineups yet? I can't come up with a logical reason.
Two more very important notes. I gave the player of the game to Andre Iguodala last night, but the trooper of the game was clearly my wife. This was the first time she's spent the night away from our two kids since our daughter was born 27 months ago. Her first real break and she spent the day traveling to Philly and the night trekking through two feet of snow all to indulge my pathological devotion to this team. She's far too good for me.

Finally, the Sixers completely hooked me up with the best Christmas present ever for my son, a miniature Sixers basketball, autographed by Jrue Holiday. Check it out:


by Brian on Dec 20 2009
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