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Phil Jasner reports the Sixers have opened discussions with Lou Williams on an extension. There have been rumors circulating that the Warriors are interested in Lou, so it would behoove the Sixers to get an extension done before someone signs him to a prohibitively lucrative offer sheet.

How much is Lou worth? That's an excellent question. It's hard to find a comparable to him, but one offer sheet signed recently can be used as a barometer. The OKC Sonics signed C.J. Miles to a 4-year/$16M sheet which the Jazz have 7 days to match.

Miles is a good shooter (39% from three), but played a minor role on the Jazz. I was hoping the Sixers wouldn't have to pay this much to retain Lou, but if Miles is worth that much after averaging 5 points in 11 minutes/game for Utah, you'd have to think Lou's 11.5 points in 23.4 minutes would be worth more.

Hopefully the Miles deal is an aberration and the Sixers will be able to get Lou on the cheap, but I won't be holding my breath.

Here's the question, at what point does Lou become too expensive? Is there a dollar figure or a length of contract you wouldn't want to see the Sixers pass in their effort to keep him?
by Brian on Jul 22 2008
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