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Speights was a man on the boards. (AP)
The fourth win of four straight turned out to be the most impressive of the group. On the road, in Atlanta in front of hundreds of rabid Hawks fans, the Sixers took it to a 22-13 team and never let up. The Sixers put forth maximum effort for 48 minutes and literally ran the Hawks right out of their own gym.

Look no further than the shooting percentages for a reason for this 15-point win on the road: 54.7% from the floor, 60% from three, 85.7% from the line. Outstanding.

The positive signs don't end there, though. They absolutely owned the boards, grabbing 85% of defensive rebounds and a massive 37% on the offensive end. The only real statistical negative was turnovers. They committed 21, which is way too many, but they still won the money category as far as assists are concerned. They turned Atlanta's 16 turnovers into 23 points, while Atlanta only scored 16 points on Philly's 21 TOs.

When I was diving into the team stats with Cheeks vs. DiLeo, something occurred to me. I started to wonder if the huge jump in FG% was due to aggression, and less settling for jumpers. Today, I decided to track the jumpers the Sixers took. My theory, they're shooting fewer jumpers. Not exactly advanced thought, but I wanted confirmation.

All told, the Sixers attempted 75 field goals, 32 of them were jump shots. Which means 57.3% of their shots were either layups, dunks, or hooks in the paint. Here's the quarter-by-quarter breakdown.

1st Quarter
  • Didn't attempt a single jumper until there was 6:54 left in the quarter
  • Attempted 8 jumpers (3 threes) made 3 jumpers (1 three)
  • 37.5% on jumpers
  • 33.3% on threes
2nd Quarter
  • Attempted 6 jumpers (4 threes) made 3 jumpers (2 threes)
  • 50% on jumpers
  • 66.7% on threes
3rd Quarter
  • Attempted 6 jumpers (2 threes) made 2 jumpers (2 threes)
  • 33.3% on jumpers
  • 100% on threes
4th Quarter
  • Attempted 12 jumpers (6 threes) made 4 jumpers (3 threes)
  • 33.3% on jumpers
  • 50% on threes
  • Attempted 32 jumpers (15 threes) made 12 jumpers (9 threes)
  • 37.5% on jumpers
  • 60% on threes
Both Andres played outstanding games, again. Iggy stuffed the stat sheet with 27 points, 6 boards and 9 assists. Miller chimed in with 19 points, 7 assists and 3 steals. Sammy actually played a productive 25 minutes, specifically on the defensive end. He blocked 4 shots and grabbed 6 rebounds.

The star of the game, however, was Marreese Speights. The kid continued his trend of inspired play, especially on the boards. In 23 minutes he shot 6/7 from the floor and grabbed 8 boards, 3 offensive. Speights was a man down the stretch, and DiLeo rewarded his effort with big minutes on the fourth. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Thad as well. 22 points on 9/15 from the floor (3/4 from three) with 9 boards (4 offensive) an assist and a steal to boot.

If the Sixers continue to get boardwork like that from Speights and Thad they're going to be tough to beat.

Player of The Game:
Team Record: 17-20
Up Next: Portland, at home, on Wednesday.