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Team Shooting Numbers

Another post derived directly from the data available at HoopData this afternoon. We're 30 games into the season and I wanted to take a close look at where the Sixers shots are coming from on the floor. A chart and some quick analysis after the jump.
This is actually better than I thought it would be. As you can see from the chart above, the Sixers do very well at getting looks from 10-15 feet, they're actually 6th in the league at attempts in that range as a percentage of total attempts. They're also 4th in the league in percentage of makes from that range that are assisted on. The problem: They're 29th in the league in converting those shots.

We're only talking about 10.9% of total attempts here, but there seems to be statistical relevance in the ranking. The PO works to get jumpers in the 10-15 foot range, which the Sixers are very bad at converting.

Had you asked me to guess the results, I'd say they take more 16-23 foot jumpers in the offense than most teams, but they're really middle of the road from that distance, one spot above average in % of total attempts, two spots above average in eFG, well below average in % assisted.

The executive summary of this data would be something like: The Sixers finish fairly well at the rim, rarely assist on inside shots, they rely on jumpers outside of ten feet, do not convert very well in the mid-range game, league average on longer two-point jumpers and three-pointers.

These average shooting numbers lead to the #18 offense in offensive efficiency rating. They probably fall below average due to not getting to the line frequently enough.

Nothing earth-shattering here. I was mildly surprised by the distribution, especially as compared to the rest of the league, but these numbers pretty much back up what we've seen. The interesting thing is going to be the flip side of the coin. The opponent's numbers broken down by distance and ranked against the rest of the teams in the league. Check back later tonight or tomorrow for those numbers.
by Brian on Dec 29 2009
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