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Get It All Out...

After a decent night's sleep my thoughts on the Sixers season and their future are starting to swing from emotional feelings of betrayal to more coherent thoughts on how I feel the team should proceed. Use this post to get your own feelings out. Topics for conversation after the jump...

  • The Coach - Do you want DiLeo back? If not, who do you want?
  • Andre Miller - Sign him, sign-and-trade him, let him walk? Sign for how much, trade for whom?
  • The Draft - Who do you like at #17? Can they/should they try to trade up for anyone in particular?
  • Trades - Who's fair game? Who do you want gone? Who's untouchable? Who do you want?
  • Free Agents - Here's the list, who do you want them to sign?
  • Next Season - Given the improvements made by Chicago and Charlotte during the season, improvement from a couple other teams, do you think a playoff berth is a guarantee for this team next year as currently constructed?
  • Finally, Vent - Get it all out now. Still seething about last night's showing, let it all out. I expect this post to be very NSFW, so don't hold back. Let's get everything down now and then we can hopefully move on.

by Brian on May 1 2009
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