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Tempered Expectations

I'm a bit late with our fourth 10-game preview of the season, mainly because I didn't want to predict 0-10. After the jump we'll take a look at the upcoming schedule, I'll try on some predictions for size and we'll discuss the new lens we're going to have to view the season through.

Looking at the upcoming schedule, it's amazing how far this team has fallen since the season began. I mean, on equal rest, with a healthy roster, I'd say the Sixers are a clear favorite to beat three to five teams in this league, at the most. New Jersey, Golden State, Minnesota, Indiana and I'm going to say New York, simply because I'm not buying this hot streak they're on. That's it. You'd have to give the edge to the other 24 teams in the league, unless there are extenuating circumstances (injuries, days of rest, etc.)

With that in mind, here's the upcoming 6 games with my prediction/breakdown for each:

  1. vs. Toronto (tonight) - After a pitiful start, Jack has been inserted into the starting lineup and given them a little boost on the defensive end. They've been on a roll recently and even if they revert to their terrible defensive ways, they have better offense than the Sixers. So in a battle of bad defense vs. bad defense, the better offense wins. LOSS
  2. @ Detroit (Saturday night) - I won't be watching this one live, since the Eagles will be in Dallas reminding Tony Romo that he's a gutless wonder. Second night of a back-to-back against a well-rested, horrible Pistons team. Advantage Pistons. They're also in the midst of an 11-game losing streak, which I fully expect them to snap. LOSS
  3. vs. New Orleans (Monday) - Charlotte has been horrible on the road, but Chris Paul vs. Lou Williams or Allen Iverson for 35 minutes doesn't seem fair to me. LOSS
  4. vs. NYK (Wednesday) - As I said above, I'll believe it when I see it from the Knicks. I'm counting this one as a win. WIN
  5. vs. SAC (Next Friday) - If Evans is back, this game is a different story from when the teams met in Sacramento. I don't believe Martin will be back yet, and while I think Westphal will probably have learned some lessons from their previous meeting, I still think the Sixers pull this one out at home. WIN
  6. @ Minnesota (Monday, 1/18) - MLK Day matinee in the Twin Cities. Kevin Love and Al Jefferson up front, Jonny Flynn and Ramon Sessions at the point. Don't like those matchups against Thad at the four and Lou/AI3 on the perimeter one bit. Not one bit. LOSS

So I have 2-4 and a record of 12-28 through 40 games. Your predictions, thoughts, concerns, rants and protestations in the comments, as usual.
by Brian on Jan 8 2010
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