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Ten Wins!

Doug's excited, how about you? The Sixers picked up their 10th win on January 3rd last season, in their 33rd game, on the last day of the Ice Capades trip. This year, they'll have at least ten in their back pocket before they even pack their bags. Granted, they have 15 losses dragging them down, but we're measuring progress on a curve here. Still, it was great to see the Sixers bounce back for a dominant second half on the second night of a back-to-back to put the hapless Clippers away.


g254f121610.gif Thoughts

  • I won't say the Sixers sleepwalked through the first half, but I will say they weren't sharp. The defense was questionable and against a better team, they would've gone into the break down by double digits.
  • I will also say that Doug Collins lit a fire under those guys in the locker room at the half. They came out and absolutely dominated the second half. Jrue powered the offense out to a double-digit lead in the third, then Iguodala brought it home with a spectacular fourth.
  • Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon, the exciting duo, were basically held in check on the offensive end all night. between them, they used about 49 possessions (including their 7 turnovers) to score 36 points.
  • On the other hand, the Sixers two best players - Iguodala and Jrue - used about 32 possessions to score 44 points, including their 1 turnover.
  • Spencer Hawes had a terribly inefficient scoring game - 18 shots and 4 free throws for 16 points - but I thought he played a better overall game than he did the previous night against the Nets. Hawes blocked 5 shots and grabbed 12 rebounds in his 34 minutes of work. He was active and productive on the defensive end. When you take both ends of the floor into account, he was probably a wash, but I'll take that defense in exchange for bad offense.
  • Collins trimmed his rotation to 7 players, for the most part, on the second night of a back-to-back. A gamble, to be sure, but he's well aware of the situation. This game was the last easy win on the schedule for quite some time. The team needed some momentum headed into the upcoming stretch, so he did what he had to.
  • Filed under alarming: Iguodala was seriously limping out there in the fourth quarter. The achilles is obviously still bothering him. It certainly didn't seem to slow him down in the fourth quarter, I'm hoping he'll be able to play through it and not cause further injury.

Player of The Game: Iguodala. Tough call, but he was stellar in the second half and put this game out of reach when the Clippers put up a fight.
Team Record: 10-15
Up Next: vs. LAL, Friday night
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