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More Distractions

As the Sixers season spirals down the tubes, the team is doing everything it can to keep the focus off the court. Today's example, a profile written by Phil Jasner about the Sixers new VP of Marketing.

I guess you have to hand it to the Sixers PR department for being able to sell a guy who's been working the NBA beat for 28 years on a 1,200-word puff piece in the midst of what is possibly the worst stretch of games we've seen out of this team in 15 years. Kudos, I guess.

Since my interview with a beer vendor fell through, I guess we're going to have to talk hoops. Disappointing.

If you missed last night's SixersBeat, you can listen to the replay here. Among other things, we talked about Jrue Holiday, and this is something I'd love for someone to dig a little deeper on.

If you recall, on draft night, Chad Ford mentioned, almost in passing, that there was some kind of minor issue with Jrue's shoulder that may need to be corrected (presumably surgically), at some point. Fast forward to 5 or 6 games ago when he caught a hip trying to fight over a screen and clutched his shoulder. I was worried at the time and Ford's quote stuck in my mind. Fast forward again to practice when Jrue blocked Willie's dunk attempt and further injured the should. Finally, fast forward to the pregame on Wednesday night when Kate Fagan tweeted that Jrue was only shooting left-handed and he was scratched from the lineup soon thereafter. Add all of this up and I'm legitimately concerned that this "strained rotator cuff" is more serious than we're being led to believe.

What do you guys think, something to worry about? Am I making a mountain out of a molehill?

Houston comes to town tonight, I'll be around all day with updates and you can expect your preview/game thread some time after 5pm.

by Brian on Dec 11 2009
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