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Phil Jasner and Marc Narducci have strikingly similar stories today in their respective papers, both calling for Thad Young's inclusion in the Rookies vs. Sophs game  over the All Star break, both making a point to say that Mo Cheeks is not lobbying for his rookie's inclusion. Ironic? Yes.

While I'd enjoy seeing Thad compete in the game, it probably makes more sense for the rookie to get some rest over the break, he's going to need it in the second half as his role evolves.

If this season is going to be played for anything more than lottery balls, they need to put a steak in the ground between now and the All Star Break. They play 7 of their next 8 at home, and only face three winning teams. I want 6-2.

The Sixers play host to the Milwaukee Bucks tomorrow night, minus Michael Redd. Check out The Bratwurst for all your Milwaukee Bucks blog needs.

by Brian on Jan 29 2008
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