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He did, however make the second team. The story here isn't so much that Thad got snubbed, he did, but you can make a case that every single member of the second team was more deserving of a spot on the first team than Jeff Green.

Here are the teams:

First Team
  • Kevin Durant
  • Al Horford
  • Luis Scola
  • Al Thornton
  • Jeff Green
Second Team
Green's inclusion on the first team is a joke. The only statistical advantage he has over any of the second-teamers is minutes/game. Apparently, playing on a crappy team is enough to get you the needed votes. Four of the players on the second team also played their minutes for playoff teams, which should mean something to the voters. Click on the names above to compare each second-teamer's numbers per 40 minutes to Jeff Green's.
by Brian on May 13 2008
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