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That Was A Close One

The highlight of writing my recaps after every game is picking the best photographic evidence of horrible defense. Tonight, you'll notice Lou standing roughly ten feet away from his man as he scores at the hoop. An unexpected take on last night's game after the jump.

First, here's your rotation chart:

Take a look at the beauty that is Eddie Jordan's rotations. I'm not being sarcastic, not in the least. What you see above is a picture-perfect example of how a coach can put his team in the best possible position to lose a game. The effort was there tonight, the opponent was ripe for a beating, they practically handed the game to the Sixers. The stars were definitely aligned for an upset that would've served to only decrease the Sixers odds at a franchise-altering lottery pick in the draft.

The game didn't exactly get off to an auspicious start, considering Elton Brand was rushed back to action needlessly, and he came out on fire. The Sixers jumped out to an early lead on the strength of aggressive moves to the hole on offense, and Boston's inability to hold on to the ball on the other end. If you're a tanking advocate (and really what else is there to root for at this point?), only the refs and Eddie Jordan seemed hellbent on bringing home this loss for the Sixers.

Every time it seemed like the Sixers might have a run in them, Jordan deftly subbed in "offense" for defense. His timeouts, or lack thereof, were perfectly timed to have no impact on the game whatsoever. When the Sixers desperately needed a score, he called the weave and heave without fail. It was awesome.

As much as I despise that man. As much as I shake my head every night when Willie Green gets more minutes than Jrue. As much as still can't figure out why he's tried every possible stupid player combination multiple times, he's only played Sam (a defender capable of covering for a poor teammate, but limited on the offensive end) and Speights (a defensive sieve who can score enough for two players) together on the floor for a total of 27 minutes through 60 games. When I see a game like this, a game that the Sixers would've at least had a chance to win under any normal coach, I can't do anything but thank Eddie Jordan for being the worst coach I've ever seen. And I guess I should thank Ed Stefanski as well, because if he had pulled the plug on Jordan prior to this game, the results could have been disastrous.

Player of The Game:
Let's go with Joey Crawford, for officiating a horrible game, ignoring the myriad ways Kevin Garnett commits offensive fouls, the blatant hacks on Sixer drives to the hole and blowing a quick whistle whenever the Sixers even looked at a Celtic near the hoop. We really couldn't have done it without you and the 27 to 12 free throw differential.
Team Record: 22-39
Up Next: @ Toronto, Sunday afternoon.

by Brian on Mar 6 2010
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